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A Perfect Soldier

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A Perfect Soldier is a film about the power of one man to create change in society. We follow the story of a former child soldier, Aki Ra, who, as a very young child of 6 was drafted into the Khmer Rouge and planted hundreds of landmines for them. We learn how these difficult experiences affected him and how he has devoted his life to changing his country's circumstance ever since. Starting from humble beginnings and now as an international symbol of one mans purpose to eradicate landmines, Aki-Ra's Cambodian Land Mine museum has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people who visit each year.

This is his story.

Short Film

Portrait Of A Landmine Museum

Portrait of a Landmine Museum is about the Cambodian Land Mine Museum. This twelve minute short introduces former Khmer Rouge child soldier Aki Ra who has become a legendary landmine activist in his country. His work with a Canadian based NGO helped to develop the only known landmine museum of its kind in the world that now serves as a relief center for children affected by landmines. It is now playing at select film festivals worldwide. Please see it here on Youtube

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